Crane City Hobbyist Reversal Spray


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Crane City Hobbyist Reversal Spray

Sizes Available: 150mL or 400 mL


ONLY two applications are needed for a full reversal. Spray one time on DAY 1 of flower and spray one time on DAY 7 of flower. That’s it!

The Hobbyist Reversal is specifically made for tent growers who have inadequate grow space but still want to create/breed their own crosses by reversing a clone.

Our goal was to create something that causes little to no damage, to the minimal flowering sites that a clone carries, in order to produce the best pollen production.

This formulation was designed specially to reverse clones, but it can also reverse full size plants successfully.

We have tested it with over 10 different cultivars, including Sour Diesel, with a 100% success rate. Additionally, we had other breeders and tent growers test the formula and they saw excellent results, ranging from clones to large size plants.

If the chosen reversal plants are healthy, you will actually notice an increase in its health and vigor after being treated with our formula. Rather than harming the plants, like some other reversal products do.

We have confidence in this reversal spray and hope it does well in your garden.

Thank you from the “Crane Family”.


The 150ml Hobbyist Reversal comes with one bullet vial (designed for 150ml) and our custom spray bottle. This amount may reverse up to 25 clones or 2 large size plants, depending on size.

The 400ml Hobbyist Reversal comes with two bullet vials (designed for 400ml) and does not come with a spray bottle. This amount may reverse up to 60 clones or 4-6 large size plants, depending on size.

Store in a cool dark location. For best results, store in refrigerator. Product may last over a year if stored correctly.

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150mL, 400mL


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